My Favorite Quotes
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 Philip Gourevitch - “These interviews were truly like nothing I had read before, ... On the other hand, they reminded me of everything from Studs Terkel to Bertolt Brecht. They offer a funny, weird glimpse of how Chinese society works.”
 Philip Gourevitch - “I can't imagine trying to second guess what George Plimpton would do, ... The magazine has this tremendous tailwind moving it along, but there also has to be room to reconnect to a new time. These new articles will have a distinctive flavor and will address themselves to the world at large.”
 Philip Gourevitch - “The dead of Rwanda accumulated at nearly three times the rate of Jewish dead during the Holocaust. It was the most efficient mass killings since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”
 David Gourevitch - “Why did Causey enter a plea so close to the trial The reality of it, the unavoidability of it, finally hit him.”
 David Gourevitch - “In general there's a rule of thumb that one year in the state system is worth two or three in the federal system.”
 Philip Gourevitch - “Look around. It's harder and harder to find good fiction in mainstream magazines. I want this magazine to appeal to people interested in longform writing. This is anti-blog. It's writing worth the investment of time.”
 David Gourevitch - “White-collar cases used to be isolated and very much on the margins. What you saw over the last four years was corruption cases moving from the fringes of corporate America to the very heart, including many Fortune 500 companies.”
 David Gourevitch - “In the federal system, outside of maximum-security places, generally people are physically safe. I don't think anybody would say that about New York state prison. And from a state perspective, this is one of the longest sentences in a corporate fraud case that I can recall.”
 David Gourevitch - “These sentences frankly are out of control. You get a sentence that's akin to what you would get for a homicide or for rape. In a white collar case, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense.”
 David Gourevitch - “It is an exceptionally high sentence. The loss numbers were so incredibly large, and on top of that this case has gotten so much attention.”
 Philip Gourevitch - “Administration officials took to telling reporters that Washington was contributing to a public-health initiative in Uganda to clean up more than ten thousand Rwandan corpses from the shores of Lake Victoria.”