My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerome Gourley - “It's a great honor. He died a hero. It's as simple as that. Everyone whether or not they lose their life everyone who goes into combat is a hero. We owe them our gratitude regardless of whether we agree with the mission or not. That's immaterial.”
 Paul Gourley - “Israel is a beacon of freedom and democracy in the Middle East.”
 Paul Gourley - “More so than any other D.C. chapter, the GW College Republicans take the fullest advantage of their locality. They are constantly bringing excellent speakers to campus and attending events across town.”
 Paul Gourley - “George Washington University College Republicans outstandingly represent the three goals of the College Republican National Committee to help elect Republicans, support the president's agenda and prepare future leaders of the party.”
 Jerome Gourley - “It's heartbreaking to leave a widow and four children.”
 Jerome Gourley - “It's a high price to pay. And you plead with the Lord every night to keep watch over your children. Every night.”
 Jerome Gourley - “You see the ribbon on cars and trucks and flags in places and it is so abstract until it hits your family.”