My Favorite Quotes
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 Sidney Govou - “It's a good result. But with a little more power, we could have won the game.”
 Sidney Govou - “Year after year we've learnt lessons and have been able to improve in a serene atmosphere.”
 Sidney Govou - “We've made a big step towards the title.”
 Sidney Govou - “Gregory is one of the top three goalkeepers in the world. I've known him for six years and he keeps getting better. His level of consistency is astonishing.”
 Sidney Govou - “We are confident in our chances and we try not to look in the rear-view mirror. We are only focused on our own planning.”
 Sidney Govou - “The first danger is to think we're already qualified just because we beat Ireland. It will be just as difficult over there against Switzerland - if not more so.”
 Sidney Govou - “The way they've been playing over the last few years, it's clear they're a team on the ascendancy. They have some great young players and they will shine in the next few years.”
 Sidney Govou - “We have a strong and solid squad with gifted players. There is no need to worry. We can chase three different titles at the same time.”
 Sidney Govou - “Not many teams have done what we have. This shows what an achievement it is.”