My Favorite Quotes
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 Zeke Grader - “For most fishermen, salmon is critical for a major portion of their income. This is a killer. This is a fishery that's a century old and this is the first time to my knowledge that it would be totally closed.”
 Zeke Grader - “The wet winter does give us time to sit down with them and see how we can meet those requirements.”
 Zeke Grader - “At this point, our goal is to model whatever season we get so the catch is spread out over the entire fishing period. We don't want to catch everything at once -- we want to be able to provide at least some fresh local salmon to consumers throughout the entire season.”
 Zeke Grader - “The federal government has done absolutely nothing to help, and fishermen are angry. It's almost like they created this Klamath situation to make them look competent on Katrina.”
 Zeke Grader - “We've seen some troubling signs. Like almost every fish and shellfish that uses the bay, Pacific herring depend on a clean estuary with plenty of freshwater inflow to create productive brackish conditions. But as we ship more and more water south from the delta, we're endangering the herring and most other commercial species.”
 Zeke Grader - “Year in, year out, salmon is the one that they depend upon. It's their anchor fishery.”
 Zeke Grader - “This is why it's so important to us to try to get the Klamath restored. We're talking about most of Oregon and California being shut down by this.”
 Zeke Grader - “The failure to follow scientific advice and the fish kills of 2002 is now being put onto the backs of family fishermen by taking away their livelihood.”
 Zeke Grader - “We warned the (Bush) administration and federal agencies that there would be trouble from their policies, but we were met with indifference, inaction and silence. Unless they start fixing things, we're not going to be pointing fingers -- we're going to be kicking ass.”