My Favorite Quotes
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 Dario Gradi - “If we'd have lost I would have said it would be mission impossible.”
 Dario Gradi - “I'm not leaving and I have no reason to, because I have worked very hard here. I have made mistakes and some of the players I brought in haven't succeeded, but they still have time to come good. We will have a working summer and look to bounce back, but next season can be exciting.”
 Dario Gradi - “Deadline day also came and went with no successes following numerous rejections from various clubs. The Alex enquired about a young defender from Arsenal, as well as two defenders from Tottenham, one of whom is believed to be Callum Davenport, according to various Tottenham Hotspur sources. Reading also failed with a bid to loan Davenport. Despite the transfer window being closed, Football League clubs are still allowed to make short term loans and Dario is believed to be on the look out for a possible loan target I'm confident that we will bring someone in over the next couple of weeks. ... I can even bring in a player I want to buy on loan before purchasing him in the next transfer window.”
 Dario Gradi - “It's a tough league, the toughest it has been and we have to play at our very best. Maybe that isn't something they (the players) can do week in week out but it's what they have to do to stay in this league.”
 Dario Gradi - “Hopefully, he can go out on loan, score some goals and show that he has the ability to come back and make an impact in the Championship.”