My Favorite Quotes
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 Rich Gradoville - “This has caught both of them by surprise. They had good teammates that helped them a lot. Sometimes these rewards show up due to the team being successful.”
 Rich Gradoville - “You just hope in that situation you can get one more bounce to go your way.”
 Rich Gradoville - “We have seen her a few times before, so we had an idea how good she was. We played our regular defense and rotated people to guard her, but that didn't work.”
 Rich Gradoville - “I think our offense was a little better than it looked. We were getting the ball to positions where we could score but we didn't make enough shots.”
 Rich Gradoville - “We weren't aware they were in a half-court trap. We got caught by surprise.”
 Rich Gradoville - “You wouldn't think they've won two games with the confidence they play with. They attack. They aren't laying back hoping not to make mistakes.”