My Favorite Quotes
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 Tim Gramling - “I hoped after today, I'd have a better idea of how long this would take, but now I couldn't even guess. There's just so much to do. I'd say cleanup will be going on probably for several months.”
 Tim Gramling - “The day I put word out in the department that we needed help I got just about 30 responses of guys who wanted to go. Just about all of them had the weekend off, but they were willing to sacrifice time with their families.”
 Tim Gramling - “You know, I never try to out-guess what the public is going to do. We're going to be out there first thing Monday morning ... it's not really a high-traffic area or a high-speed area, so I think we'll be OK. People will take it slow.”
 Tim Gramling - “Some of the work we're going to do will make it a little bit easier to get around. The replaced curbs will make it easier to negotiate.”