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 John Grammer - “For some people, the grass is always greener somewhere else. In my mind, there's not a better place to coach than Victoria.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “It takes a very strange person to enjoy fame, with all the by-products that come with it. It's not necessarily a thrill.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “I'm an actor and I've created a lasting and memorable character named Frasier, who is not me, but who most people think is. So when I have a chance to play something that's different, I embrace it because it's fun also in this case, he's a memorable character.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “I think it's your duty to overcome what you inherit in life.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “I became an actor, and because I had success as an actor, I became famous. I was acting for quite a while before I got famous television made me famous. I guess that it's television that is responsible for everybody's desire to be famous.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “Fame obviously has become a premium in everybody's life. Everybody thinks they deserve it, everybody thinks they want it and most people really don't enjoy it once they get it.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “Life is supposed to get tough.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “Apologizes are pointless, regrets come too late. What matters is you can move, on you can grow.”
 John Grammer - “I've been a member of the Kentucky Thumb Pickers Hall of Fame for some time now,”
 John Grammer - “We made some 3s and that's what kept us in the game. In spurts we played great and we had some spurts where we turned the ball over and that get us into trouble.”
 John Grammer - “I had excellent daytime vision and was in great physical condition, having played varsity football at Valier High School, ... Things went along just fine until one day during my training. I accidentally bumped into a second lieutenant, which was not the thing to do.”
 John Grammer - “This has been one of my most challenging years. We had to play a completely different style. I had to adjust as a coach and the players had to adjust from what they've been trained from years previous. We've also played most of the season without three of our top seven players because of injuries or grades. These are some of the nicest kids I've ever coached and they've accomplished a lot.”
 John Grammer - “He was this big kid, ... who didn't show up on time, which really frustrated Jimmy. He asked me if I would be willing to play on the show, because he was letting Clark go. Years earlier, I had helped Jimmy get into a USO tour I was doing with Connie B. Gay, a disc jockey friend of mine at WARL radio out of Arlington, Va.”
 John Grammer - “We played three good quarters. We had a good first half. We had 40 at halftime and only 46 for the whole game (against Ray) last Friday night. We executed well.”
 John Grammer - “Some of it was nerves. It's happened before. We missed our first couple of shots and they made theirs. But we hung in there. I felt like at halftime we had the momentum.”
 John Grammer - “I'm interested to see if they're going to try to alter their style. I wonder if they'll try to slow the pace and pack in a zone because they've seen Ray and Moody have success against us by slowing it down. But that would be totally against their nature.”
 John Grammer - “We never went hungry, and we never had bills. In fact, we always paid cash for everything except a car or two through the years. You have to understand that during those first years of our marriage, my radio appearances meant a week to week pay for us. We got by just fine, and then when I got on CBS's Jimmy Dean Show, the real money started coming in. That good fortune was followed by hit records and concerts, so we always had plenty, but the key was that we always lived within our means and Ruth was an excellent money manager,”
 John Grammer - “It's a milestone. But it's not near as important as winning the game. That would make us district champions and make it extra special.”
 John Grammer - “As coaches, we tell the players to make plays and that's what they did. We made some big plays to win at the end, especially Derek Carver.”
 John Grammer - “One of our keys was to limit the 3-point shooting. They didn't make a 3 in the first half. That's what we wanted to do. I don't think they've seen a team that plays as hard as we do.”
 John Grammer - “We executed our game plan defensively. They just hit some downtown threes. It was just one of those nights when they shot the ball real well.”
 John Grammer - “Ruth and I knew we would come back to live here some day, ... When my eyes got too bad for me to drive in 1988, and my not being able to see made it harder to perform on a regular basis, we decided it was time to come home. I pulled in my horns and we moved up here because of my eye condition. I didn't exactly retire I'm still a member of the Opry and still do an occasional concert now and then.”
 Kelsey Grammer - “Check any dictionary It drives me out of my mind”
 Kelsey Grammer - “I'm not sure sophisticated comedy has a place on television any more. I'd like to think it still does ... But I'm not sure the networks are interested, I'm not sure anybody else is interested in sophisticated comedy any more.”
 John Grammer - “We've got to take care of business at home. It would be a neat thing to happen. It would be great for the kids to win district with the up-and-down season they've had.”

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