My Favorite Quotes
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 Rusty Granacker - “The first and third periods, I thought we out-played them, the second was really the period that hurt us.”
 Rusty Granacker - “Some of the younger guys like (freshmen) Mike Campbell and Jeff Gabriel really stepped up today and filled in nicely. I don't mind so much that we take penalties because we have good penalty killers.”
 Rusty Granacker - “I think New Milford realized that they were in first place in the conference and we were in second, and that motivated them. And we didn't have enough motivation to come out and beat them.”
 Rusty Granacker - “We didn't execute at all on the power play. Fortunately it didn't come back to haunt us. 'When you get a couple of nice goals at even strength like the ones Danny scored and a short-hander, it kind of helps to make up for it.”
 Rusty Granacker - “Generating shots and generating offense is still something we need to work on. Going into the second New Milford game (Feb. 15, also at the Danbury Arena) we'll have a little bit different game plan and hopefully generate some more offense.”