My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Grande - “There's only one thing that's going to help, and that's the flow-way. It needs to flow, and it needs to flow south. We need to get out of this at some point in time, instead of digging deeper and deeper.”
 Charles Grande - “We're pretty much in this situation now because last time their goal was to do it fast rather than right.”
 Charles Grande - “A big trip where we're going to spend a lot of money -- we like to see the world a little more.”
 Charles Grande - “That's fine if you say the kids don't go to school and people don't drive on roads until the house is sold. Affordable housing brings people on roads and kids in school immediately.”
 Charles Grande - “Before they started, we told them exactly what would happen, that they couldn't possibly finish it in that amount of time. They've left us out here totally at the mercy of the weather.”