My Favorite Quotes
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 Curtis Granderson - “We didn't' give 'em enough to scream about.”
 Curtis Granderson - “When I saw him jump for it and it kicked away, I just put my head down. I kept on going, hoping there wasn't going to be a play at the plate.”
 Curtis Granderson - “I didn't know because I had my head down running and I didn't see our third base coach Bruce Fields reacting. I thought it either bounced in or was foul but I saw them arguing so I thought I better go touch home plate before they call me out for going to the dugout.”
 Curtis Granderson - “It was a good thing that I always had to go somewhere today. You were pulled here, pulled there. It was either an interview with someone, or TV, or it was time to stretch, or get to the batting cage.”
 Curtis Granderson - “It's a Nintendo-type number. You get on there, you make one of the top hitters on the game and you just seem to not get out. That's what going on right now.”
 Curtis Granderson - “You can't expect everyone to be healthy all season, and for a team to make it to the playoffs, you need guys to step in who don't make you notice who's gone.”
 Curtis Granderson - “Either one of us is going to be happy to see one of us playing. We always talk to each other about how to make each other better. We are constantly bouncing ideas off each other.”
 Curtis Granderson - “We were starting to talk about where are we going to live in Detroit, how we need to pack this stuff up -- almost as if we were both going to do this. That part definitely adds to the disappointment.”
 Curtis Granderson - “I think coming up where I was drafted, I kind of automatically had a spot secured no matter how good or bad I did. Right or wrong, it's kind of the way the game works. But now to come in and compete first to make the team and then from there to try to get a starting spot, that's probably the most competition I've ever had at any level.”
 Curtis Granderson - “Some people could say, well, he's been away from the game and the game has changed. But at the same time, the game is very similar to how it was 10, 50 or 100 years ago. So whatever he did that was successful then still carries over now. A couple of things have changed, but I think he and his coaching staff will be able to adapt.”