My Favorite Quotes
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 Thomas Grandi - “I know I can ski a lot better than I did. At the same time, it's not a bad start to the season. And it's great for Frank. It was only a matter of time for him before it came to this.”
 Thomas Grandi - “On a course like this on a day like today, if you are attacking you'll do well, if you sit back you won't.”
 Thomas Grandi - “It was a good race today. I had nothing to lose and just tried to ski aggressively. Any time you can get two podiums you have to be happy.”
 Thomas Grandi - “It's tough, but we train in that kind of weather all the time. You just have to be confident.”
 Thomas Grandi - “I was in a great position after the first run. I made a mistake and at this level, you have to be perfect in both runs to win.”
 Thomas Grandi - “There's nothing like one of your teammates reaching the podium to make you believe and to make you want it even more. That's the great thing about having a deep team like we do now. If one person doesn't step up, there's another person waiting in the wings to step up. Yes, I would say the Grandi effect was for me, too.”
 Thomas Grandi - “Basically, I skied sections today good enough to win, but I still made a couple of mistakes. I know that I need to be more consistent. Each race, I'm getting more confident, and I think with that comes consistency.”