My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike Grandinetti - “Transitioning the data center to a more dynamic virtual model is essential to reducing the complexity and improving the responsiveness of today's IT organization. By supporting the Sun Fire x64 servers, we enable Sun users, for the first time, to leverage the full power of a dynamic data center infrastructure and the dramatic gains it offers in agility, performance and operating expense.”
 Mike Grandinetti - “With the software, users can create virtualized pools of data center resources that can be dynamically allocated on an as-needed basis via a GUI management console and automated policies. In the Virtual Iron environment, any application can run on any machine, or be moved to any other machine without disrupting the application or requiring time-consuming SAN or network configuration changes.”
 Mike Grandinetti - “We were direct at first, like any early-stage company. We are now working with application vendors, and are recruiting resellers with data center experience, server and storage virtualization experience or experience in certain markets. A formal reseller program will be rolled out pretty quickly.”
 Mike Grandinetti - “This gives users the ability to pool those resources as needed. They can provision servers, networks, and storage automatically without having to touch them. In the past, whether in the mainframe or Unix space, there have been substantial capabilities to manage those resources. We are aimed at the Windows space.”