My Favorite Quotes
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 Carla Granstrom - “He was the county medical examiner in Des Moines before he came here. There was a program there and he thought it would be good to have one here.”
 Carla Granstrom - “The scenario is they are paralyzed from their waist down plus one half of their upper body. They have to navigate the apartment in a wheelchair, make a sandwich, make the bed.”
 Carla Granstrom - “The baby had to have brain surgery and was partially brain-dead.”
 Carla Granstrom - “The county examiner goes over the effects of alcohol on the brain and liver.”
 Carla Granstrom - “We get permission from relatives to see victims in accidents caused by alcohol.”
 Carla Granstrom - “Our purpose is to give people a realistic snapshot of what happens to people in alcohol-related accidents. People always think it's not going to happen to them.”