My Favorite Quotes
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 Paul Grasmanis - “When I had my first one, a couple of years ago, I felt the pop, I knew what it was, ... This one, it felt like somebody hit me there or I got shot there. If I was a betting person, I'd have bet that somebody hit me. But I'm looking around, there's nobody there. And then the pain subsided and I thought I could get up. I was going to get up, and that's when trainers were like, 'It's torn, it's torn.' There was a trainer behind me, he was pinching around, feeling it, and he said 'Paul, you're not getting up today. Just sit back down.'”
 Paul Grasmanis - “Any time you get a person who comes in here with the right head on his shoulders, the right attitude, with the willingness to want to learn and become the best, it's not a surprise to me when he produces. What I know of Mike, he's got great character, and I think that speaks for itself.”