My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Grasser - “That's probably the second best team in the state behind West Central. I really thought we played well. It was only 14-0 towards the end of the third quarter. At the end, I think we got a little wore down. It was a tough trip. It could have easily been 7-7 in the third quarter.”
 Dan Grasser - “This is an exciting time of the year for our students and they are often not as cautious as they should be. Motorists need to step up and take the lead in the safety of our students.”
 Dan Grasser - “We are inexperienced at the position. We have some people with some quickness and some speed, but we just need carriers.”
 Dan Grasser - “We have nothing to be negative about. Lennox had a good team with great speed. Playing them upped our level of play.”
 Dan Grasser - “The best way to counter that is to keep their offense off the field. We have to hold onto the ball on offense and grind it out. Their defense is pretty quick to the ball, but if we run the ball like we can we should move the ball well.”
 Dan Grasser - “We want to be balanced and we want to try and control the ball with our offensive line. We want to play the clock. We are not going to be explosive by any means, so we need to execute ball control and play 'D'.”