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 Chris Gratton - “Chris Gratton, a key player on the Panthers' power kill earlier in the year, returned to the lineup after missing the previous three games after injuring himself Oct. 13 against the Bruins. I kind of strained a groin muscle, groin hamstring, ... The only thing you can do for those is just rest them.”
 Chris Gratton - “I was playing more complete. I was more physical. I had some fights. I was scoring some goals and had a better all-around game.”
 Chris Gratton - “I hate to say it, but it's part of the game.”
 Chris Gratton - “Most definitely, this group wants to stay together. This team's starting to get close, and the (locker) room is coming together at a good time.”
 Chris Gratton - “It was a crucial goal, especially at that time. We had fought hard to get back in the game.”
 Chris Gratton - “That was our main goal. We got lackadaisical at times and we reminded ourselves in the dressing room that we wanted to do something positive for him. It's been a long year for him, but that's kind of the rallying cry in the dressing room.”
 Chris Gratton - “They'll provide leadership, and you already have a solid young core of up-and-coming players. And when you have a world-class goaltender like Roberto, it makes for a good mix.”
 Chris Gratton - “I think the franchise is really trying to create some stability in the organization. They're making all the right moves at a critical time. And it sends a message right through the dressing room.”
 Chris Gratton - “If anybody quits, they're going to hear about it in this dressing room. We're professionals. We're paid to be professionals, and your job is to come here and give 110 percent every night.”
 Chris Gratton - “Our sport's regrouping here after the lockout and heading into the Olympics on a positive note with getting some fans back. Obviously, this is news that you don't want to see.”
 Paul Gratton - “Marcelle has a very particular approach. Generally speaking, she goes for well-crafted, accessible movies. They're not obscure or esoteric. They're really some of the best that France and Quebec and other French-language territories have to offer. So, year after year, you go and most of the films are good. There is a level of confidence that develops.”
 Chris Gratton - “Twenty-five games isn't a lot with the ground we have to make up.”
 Chris Gratton - “We have to get on our horse and start climbing. We have to make a push when we get back.”
 Chris Gratton - “We have been awful vocal against the referees this year and that might be coming back to bite us. I think we just have to shut our mouths and go out and play.”
 Chris Gratton - “We've been playing at a high level now for a month-and-a-half but there's no excuses. We let down in all areas. We're embarrassed to play like that in front of our fans.”
 Paul Gratton - “Compared to some years, this is a very high-level lineup of pictures. All five of the best picture nominees are movies I would stand by. And I'd say there are probably a few that didn't make the cut that would have in any other year.”
 Chris Gratton - “When you come in as a high draft pick, you do have a lot of pressure put on you -- not necessarily thrust upon you by your own team, maybe outside sources that have expectations.”
 Paul Gratton - “A History of Violence does not qualify for certification under the tax-credit system, and does not qualify for certification under the broadcast system, and can't get a CRTC number. If we started being more subjective about the nominations, the whole debate every year would be where do you draw the line You'd end up with a system where anything a Canadian does anywhere counts as Canadian. We could have Jim Carrey movies up for best picture.”
 Chris Gratton - “You're on a four- to five-hour plane ride going across the country and there's only so many movies you can watch and you can only talk to your buddy for so long. Guys sitting at the back of the plane sometimes will make bets.”
 Chris Gratton - “We just let down in all areas -- power play and penalty kill -- and it cost us. It was embarrassing for everybody. We were embarrassed to play like that in front of our fans. They've supported us all year. We had a pretty good crowd tonight and to come out like that is extremely disappointing.”
 Chris Gratton - “Obviously we want to get back in the playoff race, and he is our main guy. When you are playing international competition like that, it is draining, emotionally and physically. Hopefully he will come back with a lot of confidence and will be ready to make a playoff run.”
 Chris Gratton - “Obviously we'll be competing against the Marlins, we'll be competing against the Heat and the college teams,”
 Chris Gratton - “It's huge. We're two teams that are in the same position and fighting to climb up the ladder and back into the playoff race.”
 Chris Gratton - “It's nice, we're building some chemistry. We're getting a lot of chances. When the puck bounces your way and it happens to go in, it allows you to build confidence. Yeah, it would be nice to keep playing right now but that's the way it goes.”
 Chris Gratton - “Line chemistry is everything. With the league now, there are so many injuries and guys in and out of the lineup, it's hard to find a line you can get settled on for an extended period of time.”

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