My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Graybeal - “I was holding out hope that we could still sneak into the tournament. But it didn't work out that way.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “We are a good school. We're going to advertise the job and I anticipate getting a lot of interest.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “It was very, very difficult. Over the years we've built a pretty good relationship and this was not something I enjoyed doing.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “I think we have the best opportunity available. We have the best resources, the best facility, the best history. I think we're as good a place as there is in the area.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “There was a lot of interest in this position from some outstanding people. It was a difficult decision, but I'm very pleased with the outcome.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “This weekend, the search committee took a look at all those applications and pared things down. We weighed the criteria we had and scored them. That helped us eliminate some people that really didn't meet what we were looking for.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “We're going to look in our back yard first. They'd have to have an understanding of the history of Weber State basketball and the Big Sky . . . it has to be a good fit for Weber State.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “We will be accepting nominations and recommendations to find a new coach who's the best fit for WSU basketball.”
 Jerry Graybeal - “Reaching 500 games is a great accomplishment. That's a lot of games for any coach. She's a great example of stability in our women's basketball program and it has translated to success on the floor. Carla has been a great representative of Weber State as a player and coach for more than 25 years.”