My Favorite Quotes
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 John Hargreaves - “Trading conditions continue to be difficult and there is little evidence to suggest this will improve in the near term.”
 John Hargreaves - “Although it will be difficult for local businesses at first, in the long term it will enable them to improve their competitiveness.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “The thing about sport, any sport, is that swearing is very much part of it.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “We signed to play until the day we died, and we did.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “We are really the victims of our own problems.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “Ian St. John Is he speaking to you yetGreaves Not yet, but I hope to be incommunicado with him in a very short space of time.”
 John Hargreaves - “So we agreed to a two years lease.”
 John Hargreaves - “It's really the responsibility of drivers for the safety of people within the vehicles.”
 David Hargreaves - “We are particularly pleased to have re-established year-over-year revenue growth in our Games segment, with continued strength in a number of our traditional board games, as well as new introductions in the plug and play category.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “Jimmy's death devastated my wife, Irene, and myself. It nearly drove us out of our minds,”
 Jimmy Greaves - “As parents, you expect your children to outlive you and when that doesn't happen, you become an empty shell. Jimmy was a beautiful boy and his time on this earth was all too brief. It kind of puts losing my World Cup winner's medal to Geoff into perspective, doesn't it But you don't go through life without having some really bad times, and I've had some great times, too.”
 John Hargreaves - “The Teddy Bears Child Care Centre has been offered a 24-month lease based on the fact that we gave them an undertaking that we wouldn't throw them out on the street and their solution, to build a new centre, could not be feasibly done in 12 months,”
 David Hargreaves - “As a result of our strong cash flow and continued efforts to strengthen our balance sheet we improved our year-over-year debt, net of cash position by 300 million despite having repurchased 31.8 million of common stock year to date,”
 Jimmy Greaves - “Football tactics are rapidly becoming as complicated as the chemical formula for splitting the atom.”
 Jimmy Greaves - “Britain never had a greater sporting ambassador.”
 David Hargreaves - “We have an extra ten years to exploit this property. The Star Wars property is a high gross margin area. It generally requires less advertising because its the movie that drives interest in the merchandise.”