My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Greco - “As our poll shows, and legal scholars agree, the awesome power of government to penetrate citizens' most private communications must not be held in one set of hands.”
 Richard Greco - “It just makes sense to build them a house they are used to.”
 Tony Greco - “I started two or three days after the injury.”
 Michael Greco - “The ABA does not, and we will not, protect the interests of any political party or faction, nor the interests of any ideological or interest group.”
 Michael Greco - “There are some significant gaps in people's knowledge,”
 Michael Greco - “While everyone agrees on the need for aggressive deterrence of terrorism, the disclosure of unchecked domestic spying by the president is deeply troubling to many Americans.”
 Michael Greco - “Our laws and attitudes on immigration have been almost schizophrenic. At times we have thrown open our nation's doors virtually without limit at other times we have tried vainly to build walls - legal and physical. Today our laws reflect that confusion.”
 Richard Greco - “He did voluntarily appear and give evidence as a witness in an ongoing homicide investigation.”
 Richard Greco - “It's our first marketing program in London.”
 Michael Greco - “The ABA position is that some of these provisions are so invasive of individual liberties that there has to be a sunset provision. They're offensive, I think, to democracy,”
 Michael Greco - “What Sandy did as ABA president is still being felt around the world. We owe Sandy a great debt of gratitude for showing that leadership.”
 Michael Greco - “We support the (Bush) administration in its efforts to secure the nation but we have taken policy positions, four or five of them, where we think due process has not been followed,”