My Favorite Quotes
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 Beau Greely - “I don't even know it happened yet. I've won some grade Is and I've had a few seconds, but this is something really special. And he's my first Kentucky Derby horse.”
 Beau Greely - “He's always been a really nice horse, and he's made me happy.”
 Hank Greely - “Although a negative outcome (for the fund) wouldn't cripple this research, it certainly would slow it down. If things break well, the institute maybe able to sell bonds in late 2006 and get some funding.”
 Beau Greely - “I did think he would make a big run today. He's been a really honest horse. We've always hoped he would develop.”
 Hank Greely - “The bond market wants to be very certain that these bonds will be repaid, which means even a trial victory may not be enough for a bond market. It may have to go through appeals and be affirmed on appeals before the bonds can actually be sold.”
 Hank Greely - “What's really scary is if we start implementing this before we know how accurate it really is. People could be sent to jail, people could be sent to the death penalty, people could lose their jobs.”
 Michael Greely - “There has been a consistency and predictability in the numbers that gives you great confidence that these markets are not in turmoil as we saw the last number of years.”
 Hank Greely - “Unlike perusing your mail or tapping your phone, this is looking inside your brain.”
 Michael Greely - “As a venture investor, the sentiment now is that we can finally begin to make money again.”