My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Greenaway - “You don't go into the National Gallery of any famous capital city and cry, sob, laugh, fall about on the floor, become very angry - it's a completely different reaction. It's a reaction which is to do with a much more composed sense of regarding an image it's a reaction with a thought process as opposed to an immediate emotional reaction.”
 Peter Greenaway - “I think that films or indeed any art work should be made in a way that they are infinitely viewable so that you could go back to it time and time again, not necessarily immediately but over a space of time, and see new things in it, or new ways of looking at it.”
 Peter Greenaway - “These days more films are going to people than people are going to films,”
 Peter Greenaway - “My father died. His ornithological knowledge, never collected or collated in anything like a comprehensible book - it was five suitcases and two trunks of scattered notes - died with him. A loss of knowledge. I made a film in small part reparation.”