My Favorite Quotes
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 Ross Greenburg - “I hope he survives. We really feared for his life.”
 Ross Greenburg - “If I can be blunt, it's just a lack of professionalism. Roy has to be asked, one more time, are you ready to take this (broadcasting) on as a career If you're not, we'll just part ways.”
 Ross Greenburg - “I don't think George is standing in the wings. I don't think George wants to commit himself to a full-time broadcasting job right now.”
 Ross Greenburg - “That's for doctors and commissioners to decide. Every fighter is at risk when they walk in that ring. Antonio Tarver has as much to win or lose Saturday night as Roy Jones does.”
 Ross Greenburg - “The friend in me, the person that kind of steers his broadcasting career, would rather that he just hang up his gloves and live a nice life in Pensacola and just come to the mike every month for HBO Sports, ... You know you can't tell athletes what to do. Maybe Roy has that one fight left in him.”
 Ross Greenburg - “I believe fighters need strong representation and they should be aware of every issue that affects them. They should be involved in the process, but they can take control of their business lives without going out and forming these promotional companies.”
 Ross Greenburg - “You could write a book or create a mini-series on the making of Taylor vs. Wright. I'll always remember (Mike) Tyson vs. (Lennox) Lewis as the most difficult negotiation we've had at HBO. But this one was like a roller coaster.”