My Favorite Quotes
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 Avi Greengart - “This is something Yahoo has been trying to do for a long time broaden its online presence into the mobile tier.”
 Avi Greengart - “Arguably there's no signal now. In my house it doesn't work. In my mom's house it doesn't work. In my in-laws house it doesn't work. So I don't think it's worth worrying about one way or the other.”
 Avi Greengart - “You now have a very nice, seamless e-mail experience with BlackBerry. If you want to do just voice and e-mail, it's hard to beat a BlackBerry.”
 Avi Greengart - “The settlement is a win-win deal, though it is very painful for RIM, and it proves that our patent system is completely broken. NTP gets 612 million for coming up with a fairly obvious idea, patenting it and suing a company too arrogant to settle early on.”
 Avi Greengart - “As a one-shot deal this frees RIM to go back to its business without any further complications.”