My Favorite Quotes
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 Guy Greening - “I thought we played pretty well. We just got a little worn down at the end.”
 Guy Greening - “I thought we had a lackluster performance. I kind of thought we might be flat tonight after playing so many tough matches in a row. I expect us to rebound and get ready for Friday's match at Plano East.”
 Guy Greening - “I thought we had a good effort. Things just kind of fell apart for us at the end.”
 Paul Greening - “Violence within the family is a matter of power and lack of accountability.”
 Paul Greening - “Violence within the family is a matter of power and lack of accountability. Women know that being beaten is wrong but they need somewhere to go for support and for the law to be enforced. The FRU will fulfill that function.”
 Paul Greening - “These courses are creating women role models that demonstrate what Afghan women can do if given the opportunity.”
 Guy Greening - “I think a couple of errors by young players cost us and hopefully they are learning important lessons from this.”
 Paul Greening - “The Afghan constitution has declared that men and women are equal but in reality women are still second class citizens.”
 Guy Greening - “They are strong club players but they need to get some varsity experience. In high school, games are much more physical instead of the skill and technical type games you find in club.”
 Guy Greening - “Getting Brian to do more this season would be a good answer for us.”