My Favorite Quotes
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 Alan Greenspan - “On whether recent gains in housing prices have produce a bubble, ... we certainly cannot rule out home price declines, especially in some local markets, these declines, were they to occur, likely would not have substantial macroeconomic implications.”
 Alan Greenspan - “A significant amount of consumption is driven by capital gains on some combination of both stocks and residences,”
 Alan Greenspan - “...most of the gains in the level and the growth rate of productivity in the United States since 1995 appear to be structural, largely driven by advances in technology and its application -- irreversible in the sense that knowledge once gained is almost never lost,”
 Alan Greenspan - “Despite the tightest labor markets in a generation, more workers report in a prominent survey that they are fearful of losing their jobs than similar surveys found in 1991 at the bottom of the last recession, ... The marked move of capital from failing to technologies to those at the cutting edge has quickened the pace at which job skills become obsolete.”
 Alan Greenspan - “While this stellar non-inflationary economic expansion still appears remarkably stress-free on the surface, there are developing imbalances that give us pause,”
 Rick Greenspan - “Frequently, gifts of this magnitude go to naming buildings or to give the donor visibility on campus. But this is a very unique gift.”
 Alan Greenspan - “A good part of this expansion is a direct function of the decline in real equity premiums. That cannot go on indefinitely.”
 Alan Greenspan - “one of the most successful government agencies in history.”
 Alan Greenspan - “We owe it to those who will retire over the next couple of decades to promise only what the government can deliver,”
 Alan Greenspan - “The fundamentals are in place for a return to sustained healthy growth,”
 Alan Greenspan - “The current surge in oil prices, though noticeable, is likely to prove significantly less consequential to economic growth and inflation than the surge in the 1970s,”
 Alan Greenspan - “The level of equity prices would appear to envision substantially greater growth of profits than has been experienced of late,”
 Alan Greenspan - “a process that has undoubtedly improved national productivity growth and standards of living.”
 Alan Greenspan - “Indications that the extent of the application of existing technology is still far from complete, plus potential benefits derived from continuing synergies, support a distinct possibility that total productivity growth rates will remain high or even increase further,”
 Alan Greenspan - “Despite the disruptions of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, economic activity appears to be expanding at a reasonably good pace as we head into 2006.”
 Rick Greenspan - “We had a lot of discussions with Oklahoma about the penalties they imposed, and they were very stringent. But I won't be presumptuous about the hearing in April or any findings.”
 Rick Greenspan - “There will be 247,000 individual search committees. I'm already hearing from a lot of people who say they have talked to this coach or that coach and know they're interested in the job.”
 Rick Greenspan - “I'm really proud of Mike and the way he has handled the last month. He has shown a tremendous amount of class and integrity, and I think he has shown his true colors. I just wish him the best in whatever he does and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”
 Alan Greenspan - “History has not dealt kindly”
 Alan Greenspan - “He has been one of the most effective secretaries of the Treasury in this nation's history,”
 Alan Greenspan - “History has demonstrated that implicit in any removal of power from central planners and broadening of market mechanisms -- as would occur under WTO -- is a more general spread of rights to individuals,”
 Alan Greenspan - “could prove destabilizing to our financial system as a whole and in the end could seriously diminish the availability of home mortgage funds.”
 Rick Greenspan - “To be honest with you, and I think Kelvin would tell you this, too, we'd rather not be there. But that's what I signed up for, so I'll do it.”
 Alan Greenspan - “The housing boom will inevitably simmer down, ... As part of that process, house turnover will decline from currently historic levels, while home price increases will slow and prices could even decrease.”
 Alan Greenspan - “The recent data still exhibit deterioration, ... The question of most fundamental importance is how long will that continue and where will it spread, and where will the stampede of buffalo stamp all over us before we can stem this.”

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