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 Arthur Greenway - “This is for kids who have the drive inside of them because all the work really rests squarely on their shoulders. We give them help until they are able to stand on their own.”
 Chad Greenway - “Everything has gone well for me this week. I think I've done enough to improve my stock this week.”
 Chad Greenway - “He knows what is right for the situation of a player coming in. He has a feel for it. I don't think you can really learn that. It's kind of innate.”
 Chad Greenway - “They kind of saw that and I think they really thought I could take my cover skills as a safety and move them to linebacker, and it worked out perfectly. I weigh 245, and I'm actually a lot faster than I was when I came here.”
 Chad Greenway - “He seems really tough. A couple of times, I teed off on him, but he got right back up and made a big play.”
 Chad Greenway - “That was typical of what the refs were doing today. But it's not about that. It's about Florida beating us. They outplayed us today.”
 Chad Greenway - “It's been good having Abdul here this week. We've been together for the last four years. We've complemented each other on the field over the years at Iowa, but this week, we're here to improve ourselves in front of the NFL.”
 Chad Greenway - “It's been such a great run - 38 wins in four years and four January bowl games. We don't have a lot to complain about.”
 Chad Greenway - “I'm sure he's a much more poised quarterback. He's been through a lot more situations and played against a lot of tough defenses this year and last so I'm sure he's grown a lot as a player. To think back two years ago where I was, you can kind of see where he's matured and probably gotten a lot better.”
 Chad Greenway - “I've been sitting here listening to the people say, 'Gator Bait' all day.”
 Chad Greenway - “I couldn't believe it. You go back to the Northwestern game, and those who know what happened in that game, it was the complete opposite. Typically on a kickoff, you're going to have a guy who's maybe a foot over the line. It's just hard to imagine that that's the way it went down after we really executed well on the onside and got the ball back.”
 Chad Greenway - “When he does say something to you, you've got to take it to heart. It's not very often that he comes around and barks orders. When he does that, you'd better take notice and change something quick.”
 Chad Greenway - “All those guys played so hard, and to lose at the end like that, it makes it even harder on a guy like myself who gets the foul at the end where you're just trying to do anything you can to make the ball go your way and it just didn't happen.”
 Chad Greenway - “We could play another one right now. I honestly didn't know they had that many plays. I walked in here and (a reporter) said they had 101. It seemed like they had 70. I guess they added up (when) the offense scores quickly and we didn't get off the field in some situations.”
 Chad Greenway - “There was definitely a sense, a pride factor after the game, that we have a chance. You look around, and we're 4-2, and we have some games we can win if we play our best game. If we play like we did Saturday, we can win the majority of our games we have left. It's ironic how it happened last year, but it's the exact same situation we're in right now.”
 Arthur Greenway - “Parents and students understand the magnitude of this program. Everyone is excited because they know the program works.”
 Chad Greenway - “We're a team that needs to improve. That's what we know we are. We're a team that isn't satisfied with where we're at. We're a team that makes too many mistakes on defense and we need to shore that up.”
 Chad Greenway - “You could feel the difference from two years ago, how they finished a play. (That) was a classy bunch. I have to give them all the credit.”
 Chad Greenway - “I don't know if I was offside or not. It was just typical of what the referees did today. But give Florida credit. They beat us.”
 Chad Greenway - “We've just got to come together. We have to play Iowa football. We didn't do that, but give the credit to Iowa State. They came out ready to go. They're obviously a very talented team and they had a lot of weapons and shut us down.”
 Chad Greenway - “We did not play Iowa football and you have to give credit to Iowa State. ISU was prepared and shut us down.”
 Chad Greenway - “We had never had that this year. We were doing some things (Saturday) we hadn't done. We were getting off the field as a defense on third down. We were driving and pounding the ball on offense. We really had a lot of confidence in what we were doing.”
 Chad Greenway - “It would be huge for this team's confidence. We didn't show a lot of maturity at Iowa State, and this is another challenge.”
 Arthur Greenway - “We want to see more students aiming for four-year colleges. I believe that with AVID, that will happen.”
 Chad Greenway - “It hurts a lot. The last play of my college career, to end like that, it's not going to be easy to deal with.”

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