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 Chad Greenway - “The first time I ever played 11-man football was when I came to college. It was the first I'd ever seen 11 men on a football field. I never played in an all-star game. My only Division I offer was Iowa. You basically didn't have any choices. You were going there or you didn't, and when I got there, it's not really any different. It's still about tackling and catching and running.”
 Chad Greenway - “We have to adjust our defense to a certain play. We've done it every year since I've been here. It was really ridiculous, the call. You can't blame a game on the ref. You can't do it. It was just really weird to have that call happen because if you adjust your defense you have to do it. What do you want us to do”
 Chad Greenway - “It's just completely two different worlds. But that's the beauty of America you can come from different places and you can end up in the same place.”
 Chad Greenway - “We're getting sick of the fact that nationally we don't get a lot of credit. I really think the national audience is going to have to start paying attention to us at some time.”
 Chad Greenway - “I didn't get a lot of opportunity to do that in college. We're not a real blitz team. I think I have that ability and when I did get that opportunity in college I was pretty successful. I think I'd be a great fit, especially as an outside rusher but I also have the physical ability of being an inside rusher too. I definitely could help a team strengthen their blitz package.”

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