My Favorite Quotes
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 German Gref - “By 2010, GDP will not be doubled but we will be able to achieve fairly high economic growth using additional mechanisms in the medium term to ensure that GDP will be doubled in the longer term.”
 German Gref - “Higher economic growth without curtailed inflation is impossible.”
 German Gref - “The geography of these projects varies from mechanical engineering to the high-tech sphere and chemical industry.”
 German Gref - “Since the beginning of the month inflation has been no more than 0.4 and is not likely to hit 0.6 by the end of the month.”
 German Gref - “Inflation totaled about 4 over the two months, which was largely due to the Artic temperatures, and surge in consumer demand for salt.”
 German Gref - “We will work hard to do that this year.”
 German Gref - “In my opinion, we have an opportunity to stay within the limits of the planned 9.”
 German Gref - “We have agreed with a number of WTO partners that after all negotiations on Russia's accession have been concluded, we will not enter new talks with world car manufacturers.”
 German Gref - “These factors will pass, and the situation will be back to normal.”
 German Gref - “This is the cornerstone of the government's policy and a major mid- and long-term challenge.”
 German Gref - “Thus far everything is going according to plan. I think that we will manage to do it in the third quarter of 2006.”
 German Gref - “We were happy to hear that Volkswagen has made a final decision to start investment in Russia.”
 German Gref - “The company has made a decision on investments.”
 German Gref - “Given global oil prices of 20 per barrel, lost budget revenues would amount to 900 million, and this, along with a possible deterioration of the international business environment and growing budget spending, could lead to budget deficit. In this case, the Stabilization Fund could cover country's expenditures for about two or two and a half years.”
 German Gref - “Foreign and Russian companies should have equal conditions of competition. If a foreign bank or insurance company wants to work on the Russian market, it can establish a subsidiary here. This entails higher standards of operation but equal conditions for all market players.”
 German Gref - “The key goal ... in 2006 is to end bilateral negotiations on Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization with the United States and also to sign bilateral protocols with Australia, Switzerland and Columbia.”
 German Gref - “We hope that under any scenario, the ruble's appreciation will range within 4-6 in 2006 and will eventually slow down by 1 percentage point per year.”
 German Gref - “On average, we expect the ruble's appreciation to slow down by more than two times next year.”