My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Greff - “Louisiana's performance in the wake of the hurricanes is impressive. Statewide results are receiving a strong boost from construction crews and other personnel in the region for the post-hurricane reconstruction. We think displaced gamblers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast are also driving growth.”
 Joe Greff - “In general there's more growth outside the U.S. than inside the U.S. in terms of new or expanded markets.”
 Joseph Greff - “The major hotel operators will continue to refine their online reservation systems.”
 Joe Greff - “(This is) very positive and something that should not be overlooked.”
 Joseph Greff - “We view the recent sell off as a buying opportunity.”
 Joseph Greff - “The more you go, the more you spend, the more customer loyalty points you accrue, the less you want to go to other properties. It's not altogether different from airline frequent flier programs.”
 Joe Greff - “(It) poses a potential risk as the company has had little experience designing and executing on a project of this size.”
 Joe Greff - “It can expand its brands in China, Europe, India, and South American, and it immediately increases its presence in Europe, where there is more upsiderecovery to (revenue per available room) than in the United States.”
 Joe Greff - “We think fundamentals are okay on the Strip. Growth is decelerating, but it was healthy to begin with. No one would have anticipated continual double-digit growth.”