My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Amodio - “We've hired a head coach with a proven track record of turning programs around. Ron embodies the blue-collar work ethic which will be essential in his success as we move forward.”
 Greg Amodio - “Everything is going well. I'm getting a lot of positive interest, and I'm pleased with the interest thus far.”
 Greg Amodio - “I understand everybody's frustration. The bottom line is it has been a tough year.”
 Greg Amodio - “We have not provided a quality product on the court for a long time. We have to give people a reason to go to games.”
 Greg Amodio - “They have asked for his release. But no release has been granted at this point. Right now, he is not released from his commitment.”
 Greg Amodio - “This isn't an overnight fix. When it's down for 20 years, it doesn't fix itself overnight. We have make sure we have the pieces in place - the facilities, the staff, the institutional commitment - to move in the right direction. That commitment is there. ... How do we conduct ourselves How do we do business I just want to make sure we're maximizing the opportunities.”
 Greg Amodio - “I plan to begin a thorough national search for a new coach immediately. I am confident that we will find the right fit as we move forward to renew men's basketball at Duquesne.”
 Greg Amodio - “At the end of the season, (university president) Dr. (Charles) Dougherty and I will take a look at where we are and where we stand for the future. ... We need to put an established product and winner on the men's basketball court.”
 Greg Amodio - “The bottom line is the attendance is a direct reflection of the product we've provided. Right now going to a Duquesne basketball game is not the fashionable thing to do. We haven't given our fans much to cheer about recently.”
 Greg Amodio - “The situation here involves bringing people together. The program has been down basketball-wise for a long time. The easy way to break the ice is with a sense of humor. Not making light of it, but using it to break the ice. Personality and having a sense of humor helps generate people's interest and puts them at a sense of ease.”
 Greg Amodio - “We're trying to change a mind-set, because there has been a lack of success with men's basketball. One of the biggest things when I came in was to look at it from top to bottom. We're trying to put a new eye on things. ... A lot of people in the department have been here for a long time, 10 or 12 or 15 years. Hopefully I can bring some insight from (XU's) program.”