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 Greg Chappell - “It will be a learning curve for him. I know the first few games are very important,”
 Greg Chappell - “It's a good flat batting wicket with not a blade of grass seen on it.”
 Greg Chappell - “We are trying to look at each game as a stepping stone in our journey towards the World Cup. We are trying to take positives from each game in the areas we need to improve from that game.”
 Greg Chappell - “We are trying to look at each game as a stepping stone on our journey toward the (2007) World Cup and from each game we are trying to get positive out of it, but obviously we need to win some games.”
 Greg Chappell - “We had couple of close decisions which could have gone either way. I thought it was a reasonable effort from our bowlers.”
 Greg Chappell - “I'm sure he thought he would be able to run me as he did (former coach) John (Wright) in the latter part of his time as coach.”
 Greg Chappell - “You can't afford to have the same group together for too long because most of the problems that most teams face from time to time is that if you have four or five players who are going to finish around the same time, you are going to have problems.”
 Greg Chappell - “We will have the odd incident from time to time and it obviously makes life good to you guys. Why would you complain.”
 Greg Chappell - “Saurav and I share a strong and mutual respect for each other going back a long time. Thankfully, it was strong enough to survive what has occurred in the past week.”
 Greg Chappell - “Things come up from time to time and people get frustrated. They say things which probably they don't really mean and are not as important as they are made out to be. I think if we keep looking at success a lot of these issues would fade away.”
 Greg Chappell - “There was no spin, no seam movement, no swing today. It was a good gutsy effort from my bowlers.”
 Greg Chappell - “In what context he said it, nobody knows. You got to get the truth.”
 Greg Chappell - “I regularly watch the scorecards of all Ranji matches.”
 Greg Chappell - “Pakistan would be confident after their series win over England. The series will be a very close and good contest and if all the players play to their potential we're in for some wonderful cricket.”
 Greg Chappell - “I'm hoping that he will pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained from playing for 16 years to the next generation,”
 Greg Chappell - “It was nothing, we were just discussing cricket. Why do you people have to read more into everything”
 Greg Chappell - “Differences are a fairly normal thing happening in cricket. But you can understand I am not in a position to speak about it to you at this stage.”
 Greg Chappell - “I think the media gets a lot excited at such happenings,”
 Greg Chappell - “We wanted to make sure the best eleven would be selected for the match. Experience and knowledge of conditions here were also taken into account.”
 Greg Chappell - “We must be careful of not overdoing it. We must make sure we get the best out of him, not just for now but for the next two-three years.”
 Greg Chappell - “I have seen some terrifically exciting changes with young players coming into the squad which is reinvigorated. The older players and the whole group has been refreshed by the youth and enthusiasm that has come into the team. I think that has been misunderstood and misrepresented in certain quarters to the detriment of Indian cricket.”
 Greg Chappell - “I sent a private and confidential e-mail to the president of BCCI,”
 Greg Chappell - “Most games at the international level are played in very good spirit. There are some personality clashes from time to time and there's a bit of emotion that comes out from each game. If there's no emotion in cricket at this level it would not be worth watching.”
 Greg Chappell - “I don't think he is far away from being in very good form. If he gets the sort of conditions that allow for good batting, I have no doubt that he will bat well.”
 Greg Chappell - “Any discussion on selection from this point has to have in mind the 2007 World Cup,”

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