My Favorite Quotes
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 Brian Gregory - “He's a warrior. He plays multiple positions he rebounds he can handle the ball. He's a guy that's going to win a lot of games.”
 Brian Gregory - “I'd take 10 of him. He's a warrior. He's just a guy who's going to win you a lot of games. You look at the teams who go to the Elite Eight or the Final Four or the ones who win conference championships, and those teams have two or three guys like him.”
 Worsie Gregory - “Our magnet schools have been able to give us that edge. The numbers are looking good but they could be even better.”
 Peter Gregory - “What we weren't able to do was give him a good rest because of his fitness test before the final Test match.”
 Charles Gregory - “We did a poor job of executing tonight. But Wilson did a good job of defending our shooters and putting pressure on the ball.”
 Michael Gregory - “Exports should find further support from the pickup in global economic growth.”
 Michael Gregory - “Mortgage equity withdrawal (which keys off prices and rates) is going to ebb substantially and pull consumer spending growth down along with it. When it does, the Fed will pause.”
 Brian Gregory - “I've got a player with one hand, a player with one leg and a player with one eye.”
 Pam Gregory - “I just wanted her to get an idea of it is not to be just landing jumps but really skating from your heart and be able to do your best.”
 Peter Gregory - “He has a history of cartilage damage, and it would be very likely this is too,”
 Will Gregory - “I'm happy with the situation and I hope Alison is too,”
 Eric Gregory - “This training seminar is a great way to provide hands on training for our customers. We hope to reach out in a way that other software companies can not or will not.”
 Eric Gregory - “If you get the incentives, you put more into the house right at the beginning.”
 Melissa Gregory - “If he wants to go hunting with his BB gun, I am right there wearing my high heels and reading my magazines. If I am getting my nails done, he's right there reading a magazine about cars.”
 Michael Gregory - “All is not quiet on the inflation front. Commodity prices and capacity constraints still pose some inflation risks.”
 Peter Gregory - “He has been advised to rest the injury pending a further re-assessment in the UK.”
 Peter Gregory - “Ashley's injury is responding to treatment and we are pleased with the progress he is making,”
 Michael Gregory - “There wasn't all that much of a surprise there. Clearly the risk is still there for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.”
 Eric Gregory - “Both inside and outside the classroom, he's really genuinely concerned about both theoretical and practical issues. That's another thing that's distinctive. He's really able to join theory and practice and that is often a rare quality.”
 Steve Gregory - “At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to (move to receiver). Then I thought about it and I became open to the change. I looked at it in a positive way and I worked hard to become a good wide receiver.”
 Michael Gregory - “I'd thought they wouldn't want to sort of venture there again, given that all is not perfect on the commodity price front,”
 Bob Gregory - “I'm unable to work at the present time and I love working so that's the goal, to get back into a more productive situation.”
 Peter Gregory - “There should be sufficient time for Simon to regain fitness and hence become available for selection for the tour to India beginning in late February.”
 Steve Gregory - “We don't even think about that anymore. That's in the past. Back then we wished that could have gone a little better. That wasn't how we wanted it to go. This time it's going to be a different story.”
 Larry Gregory - “We didn't feel like we could penalize anybody for coming back to ask for more time to get their house in order. It's been very difficult to work under these conditions.”

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