My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Greis - “It's incredible that I'm the most successful athlete of the games.”
 Michael Greis - “I'm now going home with another gold medal. I think this is a really good surprise.”
 Michael Greis - “I only just heard that I'm the most successful athlete of the Games, but today I was just trying to put on a good show -- I never dreamed that I would be going home with three gold medals.”
 Michael Greis - “I'm more than happy with my three gold medals. From a sporting perspective, today is the greatest day of my life.”
 Michael Greis - “Before the race I would never have thought I could win it with 19 successful shots (out of 20), but during the race the wind changed and the conditions became very difficult (for other athletes).”
 Michael Greis - “One year ago I won my first World Cup here and until now that was the most important moment of my life.”
 Michael Greis - “Over the last few days I've felt in really good shape. But I didn't wake up this morning thinking I'd be Olympic champion.”
 Michael Greis - “If someone told me this morning I'd win a third goal medal I'd have said 'that would be great' because I was actually feeling pretty tired before the race.”