My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard Grenell - “It would kill the secretary-general's own recommendations.”
 Richard Grenell - “We very well could vote tomorrow.”
 Richard Grenell - “Other criteria besides just a regional rotation or a General Assembly vote have to be established. There have to be some standards set.”
 Richard Grenell - “The American people have provided an incredible amount of money to support the AU force and an incredible amount of money for the humanitarian response, and the American people have also been very generous to peacekeeping operations and disasters around the world.”
 Richard Grenell - “Last night and his morning, the human rights commission reform fell apart.”
 Richard Grenell - “The fact that we took this document seriously and put it through a thorough interagency process to evaluate its policy implications and then we commented on our ideas should be celebrated, not criticized.”
 Richard Grenell - “He stood there and took questions for 15 minutes. When he was done and wanted to walk away, you all chased and trampled him to get a picture of him walking to the car. You know how many pictures you have of him getting into a car Probably 5 million. You don't need another picture of him walking to a car.”
 Richard Grenell - “It was clearly designed to be a media stunt, not aimed at rational discussion.”
 Richard Grenell - “There is a unanimous feeling within the council that there must be greater cooperation from the Syrians.”
 Richard Grenell - “The current human rights commission is completely broken, ... It's the violators who are in control.”
 Richard Grenell - “We have strongly held feelings about how we want to comply. ... The two years they spent hiding everything causes everyone to have concern.”
 Richard Grenell - “It's an attempt to stop the referral to the Security Council and have more talks. We've been talking for three years. At some point, the international community has to decide whether or not the IAEA resolutions and the U.N. Charter mean anything.”
 Richard Grenell - “It's obviously troubling for the United States because if violators are allowed to stay on, and it's not a permanent body, then the human rights soap box is not a soap box at all,”