My Favorite Quotes
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 Frank Gretz - “On the other hand, the market responded positively to the cut on Thursday.”
 Frank Gretz - “I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I'm a little doubtful. Most of the time when the Fed lowers rates it's good for the market. This time, the problem is related to the global economy.”
 Frank Gretz - “For the first time, you're seeing a rally where small caps are included as well.”
 Frank Gretz - “In the short term, there is really very little that I can see going wrong. Certainly, the market is extended. It's had a very big run and could come down for a week or two. We could have a correction, but you would almost have to put that in the category of a normal correction.”
 Frank Gretz - “Everyone is waiting for the war on the belief that once it starts, stocks are going to shoot up, but there's a danger in betting with everyone else.”