My Favorite Quotes
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 David Grewe - “It was a big, big issue of importance for us. We keep teaching our pitchers to pitch down in the strike zone to get ground balls, but to do that, you've got to have guys who can pick up the ball.”
 David Grewe - “It's a special thing to take our team to other areas. We're trying to gain interest all over the state.”
 David Grewe - “(Day) definitely stepped up and had a great game. His leadership by example, I think it spreads.”
 Garry Grewe - “Schramm got us off to a great start offensively. It was close for a while, but then we got a big run and played well to make things go our way.”
 David Grewe - “We've got to make our players tougher, and we've got to make our players understand the value of winning. And this sure helps.”
 David Grewe - “I wanted to do it in the worst way, and it just worked out. I think it's going to be special, kind of like hockey did and basketball did.”