My Favorite Quotes
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 Gary Griggs - “Once we've had a certain amount of rain, as we've had this winter, things are just more prone to slide.”
 Gary Griggs - “More than 100 million people could be affected by a three-foot increase in sea level.”
 Jason Griggs - “He felt trapped in an environment where he could do nothing right. He could do nothing to make his family or his father happy.”
 Gary Griggs - “It's a master plan like a city would have or like the university would have on its main campus.”
 Jason Griggs - “Since its inception, the Greater Valley Area Crime Stoppers has received tips that have led to many arrests as well as the recovery and seizure of more than 565,000 in drugs and property. The majority of these tips have resulted in felony arrests. All the counties in Alabama should have this tool available to them to help support their law enforcement agencies.”
 Jason Griggs - “He saw dad give more to the community than to his only son, and Randall struggled with that. Randall felt like a black sheep from age 13.”
 George L. Griggs - “Exasperation is the mind's way of spinning its wheels until patience restores traction.”
 Edward H. Griggs - “An ideal is the most practical thing in the world, for it is a force behind action that must be reckoned with by the frankest materialist.”