My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Grilli - “This is the best team by far that I've ever been a part of. We don't want it to end. Hopefully we'll go out there and win six more games, win this whole thing.”
 Jason Grilli - “My wife (Danielle) is my rock and has kept me mentally strong.”
 Jason Grilli - “I have no pressure because I've always been the dark horse. I think I've shown this organization a little bit, and I'm ready to compete for the fifth spot.”
 Jason Grilli - “To grace my father's number, pitch in a Tigers uniform and get my first win (as a Tiger) and have him in the stands, you can't script it any better than that.”
 Jason Grilli - “I think he's been sleeping one hour a night.”
 Jason Grilli - “I want this spot there's no doubt. I'm trying to stick the nail in the coffin right now.”
 Jason Grilli - “I'm really looking forward to the competition. This is a huge honor, and I'm really starting to get the feel for how important this is going to be.”
 Jason Grilli - “Everybody stepped up big all year long. It's a testimony to our team. We have a 'never say die' attitude, and this is what we deserve because we do that.”