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 The Grimm - “From Dust to Glory.”
 The Grimm - “Ray wasn't allowed to talk to Hanssen in person for one good reason. He's still a national security risk, ... This man knows many things. He knows names and locations of our CIA agents. He knows locations of Russian sources. He could tell me something that shouldn't get out.”
 The Grimm - “a cage match between Gilliam's sensibilities and the more traditional Hollywood concerns”
 The Grimm - “a cage match between Gilliams sensibilities and the more traditional Hollywood concerns”
 The Grimm - “And I said, 'Why don't I show you my new house I'm redoing it.' I got so excited that I jumped on his back like a kid. He just was blown away. It was like I was attacking him. Then we went upstairs and we're in the bedroom and it was dark, and that was it. We just, in that moment in time, had the most beautiful lovemaking experience.”
 Russ Grimm - “Sometimes the defense dictates what you do. You like to be able to say we're going to run it when we want to run it, but then you stand there and go, this may not be a good time right here. There are certain plays you can call a run, there are certain plays you need to get out of.”
 Andy Grimm - “Our goal is always to be competitive and have a shot at a league championship, so I'm not going to take it as a moral victory. But the effort of our guys was great. There was no fear.”
 Russ Grimm - “I'll just wait and see what their decision's going to be.”
 Russ Grimm - “I don't know if it hurts it. I'm not going to complain about it. It's not like I don't have a job. I think things happen for a reason, so we'll just wait and see.”
 The Grimm - “The cemetery shows the fleetingness of fame and wealth. Anyone remember John Finley, a Princeton politics professor who was also editor in chief of The New York Times until he retired in 1938 Mr. Sutphen pointed out the modest tombstone of Howard T. Behrman, 1912-1985 He gave 20 million to Princeton University and I bet no one even looks at this. ... Monuments getting bigger.”
 The Grimm - “The Blair Witch Project.”
 The Grimm - “Some people embrace it. To me, it's not worth enough to risk my private life being public.”
 The Grimm - “I thought it would be impossible for somebody to get that unlucky again. So much went wrong they had everything but locusts.”
 Russ Grimm - “It's cool to be part of one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. You don't think about it going into the game or that much in the game. Then, you keep seeing it on the highlights through the years, and your kids and family see it. Then, you point and say, 'See, that's me right there. I was part of that.' That's why you play the game, to be part of plays and games like that.”
 The Grimm - “That was my introduction to everybody on set, ... I was like, 'Ummmmm, hey Nice to meet ya How ya doin' Sooo, how do you want this orgasm'”
 Russ Grimm - “Everyone wants to reach the head coaching level. I thought Detroit was an interesting organization. I think they have enough talent to be able to turn it around in a hurry.”
 The Grimm - “I have no problem with the fact that people don't see the film or don't like it, because there is as many people out there who love it. Everybody has their opinion and some people are wrong.”
 The Grimm - “The concept has promise, but, as often happens in Mr. Gilliam's movies, the narrative gets gummed up with his labored surrealism. The movie has some interesting visual imagery (including gratuitous bugs), but any one of the old wives the Grimm brothers interviewed was a better storyteller.”
 The Grimm - “has been in the movies for 45 years-although one would never guess, looking at her. Throughout her career, she has epitomized femininity and intellectuality in the Italian cinema.”
 Russ Grimm - “I'd run over my mother to win the Super Bowl.”
 The Grimm - “a master of the torturing arts.”
 The Grimm - “I just wanted to make sure it would never happen again.”
 The Grimm - “it's unfortunate, because at the end of the day they'll win and they'll push me out of Sydney, and I won't live there. I mean, they have won really. I've already moved to Brooklyn, actually.”
 Russ Grimm - “Next thing I know, I look up and see the back of jersey heading to the end zone. I remember getting up and chasing the play, getting ready to celebrate.”
 Russ Grimm - “We went the distance. It was longer than I expected, but that's all right. I mean, whatever it takes.”

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