My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Grinstead - “They've got a great fan base there. They've packed Arco (Arena) to the rim for years. They'd be nuts to walk away from that. I wouldn't see that as a logical move.”
 Jim Grinstead - “So the number of suites is a little low, but the price is on the high side, which makes sense, given supply and demand in the market. It's not a bad strategy, and the latest buildings have been cutting back a little bit on the number of suites to create that scarcity.”
 Jim Grinstead - “I think Vegas comes from an area of strength a lot of other communities don't come from. There is a lot of money in Vegas -- a ton of cash there that other cities don't have that Goodman has access to. Also, a lot of time when teams get ready to move they'll court three or four cities. Some seriously and some for negotiation value.”
 Jim Grinstead - “That's the real gamble these days -- the club seats. There are teams that wind up turning their club seats back into regular seats due to lack of demand.”