My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Groat - “While the USGS presence and efforts in Alaska are significant, they are clearly not adequate to meet the growing needs of an area that will see major growth in tourism and resource development.”
 Charles Groat - “Detailed planning will follow if the forecast for success in program growth is positive.”
 Charles Groat - “The USGS presence and efforts in Alaska, while significant, are clearly not adequate to meet the growing needs of a frontier area that will see major growth as our need for resources increases and tourism continues to surge. There are many competing priorities in the lower 48 states.”
 Vicky Groat - “We needed to be a little tougher. And we talk about that all the time. We started doubting each other and we can't do that.”
 Vicky Groat - “It'll be a battle. If we play like we did in that first game, it won't be a battle. Leland will walk all over us.”
 Charles Groat - “For a few years now, the nation's main concerns have been protecting ourselves from terrorism. Now, the question is, what are we willing to do for a major American city that has some warts and has some challenges.”
 Charles Groat - “Alaska is a land of great opportunity for scientific research.”
 Vicky Groat - “I am relaxed. If we don't make the Final Four, that's a letdown. The Final Four is huge. It's really enjoyable.”
 Vicky Groat - “The ultimate goal is to win this thing. We just have to play our hearts out, have fun and relax.”
 Charles Groat - “Re-evaluation doesn't guarantee program growth. But because of this history of cooperation between USGS and partner scientific organizations, Alaska presents an ideal situation for further development of an integrated science approach to understanding complex resources and environmental systems. These factors, combined with the critical need for scientific information to support far-reaching resources and environmental policy decisions in Alaska, clearly merits a new look at our efforts there and an assessment of the willingness of those who control the purse strings to support more work.”
 Vicky Groat - “She's a team player, she didn't care.”