My Favorite Quotes
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 Mathias Gronberg - “I was talking with my playing partners about how rarely we do it. We're supposed to be professionals, but at least for me it's like maybe a year in between or two years since I did 18 greens.”
 Mathias Gronberg - “I'm amazed no one really shot lower than 5 under in the morning. It was really there to shoot a low score today. We had perfect conditions.”
 Mathias Gronberg - “I messed up a little bit, but it was hard to play golf, too. I really struggled today. I did not play the way I wanted to. Hopefully I can work on it and get something going. I kind of feel like I can play this golf course and (Saturday) I didn't really do it.”
 Mathias Gronberg - “That kind of got the confidence going. So it kind of carried over.”