My Favorite Quotes
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 Saul Gropman - “The terms of the trust specified that the concerts must be free, and that they must be on Sunday afternoons. The idea was to enable families who would not otherwise be able to attend concerts to be able to come.”
 Saul Gropman - “You are so much more exposed. With an acoustic instrument, so much is laid bare to the ear, and there is no room for error. Playing a Bach suite is like lying naked for all the world to see.”
 Saul Gropman - “We need to get the word out. This is an organization that's done nothing but give for 50 years, and we need to bring it to the people who would appreciate it but don't know.”
 Saul Gropman - “We've been trying to get away from the staid, traditional format of chamber music concerts because we're losing audience members to age. Chamber music is too easily seen as blue-hair stuff. That's why we have to get even more creative while maintaining the integrity of the series.”