My Favorite Quotes
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 John Grosey - “We didn't want to sit in a zone and hope they missed. Besides, in a zone you get hurt on rebounding.”
 John Grosey - “They're a very good team. Gaines is a senior. He had one of those nights. He was 4-for-4 from 3s. To be honest, I thought we did a pretty good job against him defensively.”
 John Grosey - “Stadium beat us with the 3 last time. They had three guys who hurt us last time, and we took them out of the game.”
 John Grosey - “The worst thing is, we're not going to practice tomorrow. I loved coming to practice. I've had teams that have won more games. But this is a team that I'll remember most.”
 John Grosey - “We had a little trouble scoring (in the fourth quarter), but we took the lead and had a good defensive stand at the end.”
 John Grosey - “We had an opportunity to tie it at the end. We had a good look, but the shot fell just short at the buzzer.”