My Favorite Quotes
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 Lisa Gross - “The district is following state statute. The law does not give a district flexibility on how a child tests. It's age-specific.”
 Bill Gross - “When you have kidney stones, you don't give much of a damn about the view,”
 Lisa Gross - “These overall scores are good as a general overview for schools, and if they don't meet their goals, they know they have to work very hard this year. Hopefully schools know where their weaknesses are and have already started doing some things to help them score higher next year.”
 Christian Gross - “We took in no goals against a strong team and scored twice. That's very positive.”
 Jeff Gross - “It was as good a game in the Bay Rivers District as I've seen.”
 Michael Gross - “It's purely up to the federal government to regulate standards for automotive safety.”
 Bill Gross - “That is not to say that long government bonds won't go up in price if the 'system' suffers some elimination, slower growth, or to be frank, a recession in 2006,”
 Jeff Gross - “All the information available indicates that wolves are the primary predator in this herd and the primary factor limiting herd growth.”
 Bill Gross - “If he continues to believe that a flat curve is indicative of economic weakness, the hand-off may be one in which we stop at 4.5 percent.”
 Richard Gross - “He was very, very critical, ... But throughout the days, his vitals continued to improve. We feel that we've seen some response to voices, and some head movement.”
 Bill Gross - “Without a blockbuster of a program in his second term it is unlikely that Bush can go very far in the history books on the back of a paltry 3 or 4 percentage point tax cut for the rich.”
 Michael Gross - “He's not for killing babies. He's not for promoting homosexuality,”
 Bill Gross - “This is a market of disparate opinions and therefore increasing opportunities for those who get it right. We hope to be one.”
 Ken Gross - “The optics of what members do now is front and center. You don't want to be seen riding around in a taxicab with a lobbyist to the Willard Hotel.”
 David Gross - “Science is shaped by ignorance. Great questions themselves evolve, of course, because their answers spawn new and better questions in turn.”
 John Gross - “Can something be ethical but illegal”
 Bill Gross - “I view him favorably, especially his views on inflation targeting,”
 Bill Gross - “We think that inflation will be benign and may come down from these levels.”
 Bill Gross - “Either way, ... we pay the price higher import costs, a cutback in spending on cheap foreign goods, rising inflation, perhaps chaotic financial markets, a lower standard of living.”
 Bill Gross - “Is it any wonder that in the space of the last six months we have had headline speeches promoting the dangers of deflation only to be followed by fears of accelerating inflation”
 Bill Gross - “So, the lower inflation goes and the more and more investors believe that inflation will stay low, the better it is for the bond market.”
 Jordan Gross - “I sat there and kind of watched it over and over to see if they had any information,”
 David Gross - “The United Nations will not be in charge of the internet. Period,”
 John Gross - “Billions of dollars are going into hedge funds and other investment vehicles.”
 Lisa Gross - “It's an issue that schools have to deal with. When students don't show up for class, or show up late, they're not learning, and that's the bottom line.”

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