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 Jon Gruden - “He's a real quick study. He's a bright guy. He's a very talented athlete. He's big. He's fast. . . . Alex Smith has a real bright future here.”
 Jon Gruden - “We tried to get him and Tim involved, because the bigger the game, the bigger he plays. He was excited and thrives in this atmosphere. He loves the big games. The more you ask of him, the more he relishes.”
 Jon Gruden - “If you have Cadillac Williams on your team, you're probably not very smart if you don't give him the ball and give him opportunities. He's earned that. If he continues to do as he's doing, he'll see the ball a lot more next year than he did this year.”
 Jon Gruden - “I wouldn't probably give up a pair of nine-and-a-half turf shoes for me,”
 Jon Gruden - “So as long as he can take it we will continue to give him those opportunities.”
 Jon Gruden - “He will give us a dimension that we need here,”
 Jon Gruden - “It helps if you have a string of five or six or seven good drafts to develop a team,”
 Jon Gruden - “They've shown good aptitude kicking off onside kicks, squib kicks they can hang the ball high. Whatever kicks you want they can kick. Both of these guys are accomplished and they appear to me like they're NFL-ready.”
 Jon Gruden - “I think he would be good. I think Rod is a great coach. He's a guy I certainly would recommend.”
 Jon Gruden - “Cadillac Williams is off to a very good start, ... He is what he is. He is a durable guy that can run inside or out. He is a guy if he can break through there, he can get going pretty good. So, yes, he did what we hoped he would do.”
 Jon Gruden - “He's one of those guys who, when you hand him the ball, you just know good things are going to happen,”
 Jon Gruden - “This is the first team I've been on that starts every practice with an anti-turnover circuit. We're coaching that hard. ... We're actually implementing drills, specific drills, to increase our capability of hanging onto the ball.”
 Jon Gruden - “Every week they hear this is such a big game. I think they're used to hearing it's a big game.”
 Jon Gruden - “Everybody I talked to said he's a hell of a back 'Get him on your team somehow, some way,' ... I think he's proven to everybody what he's all about.”
 Jon Gruden - “The (salary) cap is frustrating. Since I've been here, the cap has been a frustration. Some tough decisions might have to be made. We're not a hell of a lot different from any other team.”
 Jon Gruden - “I would like to say that it's somewhat surprising that he's had this success, but we really felt that he was a great, great running back to be honest with you. I think he's proven to everybody what he's all about. He's a great running back, a tremendous competitor. He's got great poise and stamina. We're really excited, obviously.”
 Jon Gruden - “As you say, the salary cap is a problem. If we wanted to get Corey Simon, we couldn't have made that happen, maybe because of the salary cap. It's not like we weren't looking at every good player that we foresee being available. But we have to be honest and realistic with what we can get done given our salary cap.”
 Jon Gruden - “Well, I would like to say that it's somewhat surprising that he's had this success, but we really felt that he was a great, great running back, to be honest with you,”
 Jon Gruden - “We're trying to keep both of these guys in a situation where they don't know for sure yet, to be honest with you. Both guys have kicked the ball well. These guys are both going to be NFL kickers.”
 Jon Gruden - “He has so much swelling, we can't really determine how long it will be. We should know more in the next few days. We're concerned about Jeff Gooch. We hope it doesn't take too long.”
 Jon Gruden - “We hope it can. We got our first glimpse of what these guys can do wire to wire. We've had so many of them injured, Buenning and Anthony Davis have missed starts in the preseason and John Wade has been somewhat limited. But yeah, we hope to grow offensively, starting up front.”
 Jon Gruden - “We hope it can grow. We got our first glimpse of what these guys can do wire-to-wire.”
 Jon Gruden - “It's not good. It has not been good at all, ... The penalties have hurt us and our lack of execution hasn't been nearly what it was a year ago. We have to get that thing going.”
 Jon Gruden - “Obviously, if Griese is hurt, he can't play and Chris Simms would be the guy who would go. But I don't want to speculate any further. We'll see how Brian feels here in the next couple of days.”
 Jon Gruden - “At least we weren't the only idiots.”

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