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 Mark Grudzielanek - “We lost three games before you could blink.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “The last thing we want to do is give these guys life to get back in the series.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “When he's making his pitches, nobody's getting a good, good swing and they're not hitting the ball on the barrel, ... I mean, he's beating them in, he's throwing his cutters and curveballs, and throwing the first pitch for strikes. It's awesome.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “That's the first time I've seen him and I was very impressed. That was the only chance I really had to get something out over the plate and hit. ... He's got great stuff.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “You've got to be ready for it. If it's not going through your mind, all of a sudden it's on you and you're not ready for it. We're thinking like that all the time. 'Here we go, get a ground ball.' Wherever it goes, all of us, the whole infield is thinking like that. We like that and we want that. It's a huge rally-killer.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “Obviously, it's time. You see what the other new parks have done for the cities involved. It's definitely something we're looking forward to.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “adjustments to be made during the game, but in most cases (the Duncan-based positioning) is where we stick to it and probably 75 percent to 80 percent of the time it usually works.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “His work habits and his drive to play the game are special, ... People talk about him all the time, about his size and his arm strength. Then you see the plays he makes. It's amazing.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I feel really good right now. It's the healthiest I've been in a long time. Hopefully it shows out there,”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I could have walked a few times already and I'm not even doing that, ... Either way, I have to get on base and help out in some way, and it has to be now.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “It's a relief. I was worried about it two days ago, but I'm feeling much better. I'm going to go out there and do some light work today and hopefully I won't feel a whole lot. Hopefully I won't feel anything at all.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “Now fans are going to be forced to watch the best teams in the game.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “Yeah, he hasn't said a word,”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I was with the Cubs in 2003, when we had Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano, guys like that going back-to-back-to-back, and we lost three games. We were like 'Oh, my God.' Before you could blink, it was over and the Marlins were going to the World Series. So things can happen. With this team, we can rally three off in a heartbeat. We've just got to take them one at a time.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “It's come to a point where it's gotten worse and worse and worse, ... The last few days playing, it was affecting me, I felt.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “It (ticks) you off when you continuously feel you're on the wrong end of things. You try to keep your cool and try to not get involved with the calls. But things got out of hand, unfortunately. Everybody lost their cool there.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I felt much better yesterday, which was a relief because I was worried about it two days ago. Hopefuly, I don't feel it a lot. Hopefully, I don't feel anything at all.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “The way he works is phenomenal, between him and Game 2 starter Mark Mulder and Matt Morris, they get out there and throw. Defensively, we're not on our heels, ever. If people could see that, and other pitchers can understand what that means to us defensively, it's a huge lift.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “That we're a good team. It's a great experience for anybody to be involved in something like this. It just doesn't come around too often. Fortunately we have an opportunity to get back where we were last year, and that's our mission.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “That's how we try to play. We try not to make mistakes. If you're going to beat us, you're going to have to hit. But when you jump out on teams like that, it's tough. We've all been there, but that's hard to come back from. We jumped out on them in Game 1, and just kind of kept it going.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I felt it growing up, other sports and in the minor leagues, I'd have a great year but at the end there was always something I couldn't do. It just didn't matter, ... Somebody was always going to write something. 'He's not a complete player.' He can't do this or that. We came from the same breed. We pretty much have the same thing following us. Maybe it was true, maybe not. But we strive to make ourselves into better players.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “It showed. It's just of those things. He's trying to make a play. It's a tough play. You don't want a kid getting hurt. I'm just glad it's not anything more serious.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “A lot of people were waiting for us to fail. That's all you heard his arm and my injuries. I think we've done a pretty good job. But I'm sure there's still somebody out there who would disagree.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “If there's anything lacking now, it's the control Prior has on his off-speed pitches. Once he gets there, he can be one of the best pitchers. He has a lot to learn, but the potential is most definitely there.”
 Mark Grudzielanek - “I've got to help out our ball club with some offense and I'm not doing it,”

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