My Favorite Quotes
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 Joseph Grundfest - “There's no doubt that the numbers are up.”
 Joseph Grundfest - “It seems to me this is a situation where there was an inadvertent disclosure and the company handled it appropriately.”
 Joseph Grundfest - “You need to understand how incentives work in organizations, how options are priced, combined with the complexities of the latest financial techniques. But you need to make it work in the real world...That's the gap we really want to bridge.”
 Joseph Grundfest - “There are a lot of complicated questions to answer.”
 Joseph Grundfest - “All other things being equal, if the SEC brings an enforcement action and gets a settlement, the cost of private litigation usually is larger than that. But it's very hard to make a prediction in this case.”
 Joseph Grundfest - “The cost of settling private class action securities fraud litigation continues to rise. The price of poker is going up.”