My Favorite Quotes
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 Hampton Grunewald - “This needs to be done this session. This is one thing we can do to help improve our city.”
 Hampton Grunewald - “They are not hijacking cars, there are no machine guns, they are not raiding Wal-Mart. The rumors have gotten worse today.”
 Megan Grunewald - “A few people I talked to had been involved in Power of the Pen with me and said they missed it. They missed having the controlled environment to work on their writing.”
 Megan Grunewald - “It's a fun challenge to come up with an idea and shape your story in only 30 minutes. I really like playing with words. It's a lot of fun to try to be creative.”
 Megan Grunewald - “We're all supportive of each other. We're not trying to attack each other. We're trying to be encouraging, constructive and helpful. We all want to improve our writing skills.”